Feeding Yolo County

In Celebration of the Harvest

The lands of our county yield some of the finest agricultural products in the world. We are fortunate to be at the center of this bounty and to be able to share their harvest.

Over the years, the Yolo Food Bank has benefitted from the harvest of area farms and ranches. Please join us as we celebrate the rich agricultural heritage of Yolo County and offer our respect and appreciation to local producers.

From the Farm to the Table

Nearly one-quarter of the food we distribute annually is fresh produce, approximately one million pounds. These fruits and vegetables generally come from local farms. Several farmers and ranchers are growing food specifically for the Yolo Food Bank.

These producers set aside a couple of fruit trees, a row of lettuce, an acre of mixed vegetables or a portion of their rice harvest to benefit our programs. These activities are vitally important in procuring produce for food insecure families in our community.

Growing Food Security

According to Jim Durst, owner, Durst Organic Growers and Yolo Food Bank board member, “Farmers and ranchers involved in agriculture are among the most generous people in our society and Yolo County is no exception.” Shared Harvest, a concept developed by Durst, proposes that growers set aside the harvest from a portion of their farm or the proceeds from that portion for the Food Bank.

Food Bank Farmers, a program developed by local farm owner, Shane Tucker, uniquely addresses the inequities in our food system by putting fallow land back to work. Our county has many small parcels of unused land adjacent to large farms. Due to undesirable shapes or locations, these parcels are generally too small to cultivate. Shane has designed a way to use this land to grow crops exclusively for the Food Bank.

“ …we asked our families to complete a survey about the past school year and the Kids Farmers Market was rated as the most valued event for fostering a sense of community at Winters Elementary. The surveys also indicated a strong desire for a better focus on healthy eating and living.”
Gregory Moffitt, Vice Principal

Encouraging Healthy Habits

Operating at one preschool and five elementary schools in Yolo County, the Kids Farmers Market is a weekly after-school program that incorporates nutrition education, physical activity and a market specifically for kids in schools with high free and reduced meal participation rates.

Over the course of an hour, kids have the opportunity to exercise, learn about and sample the vegetable or fruit of the week and select up to 10 pounds of fresh produce to take home. In addition, they receive recipes and other information regarding wellness so that they can begin to make their own healthy choices.


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