Drought Food Assistance Program

​Yolo Food Bank's Drought Food Assistance Program is an effort designed to provide food assistance to Yolo County residents who are either unemployed or have reduced employment because of the drought. Recipients of the program will receive pre-packed boxes of non-perishable foods.  Yolo Food Bank collaborates with several partner organizations to provide drought food assistance at 12 sites throughout Yolo County.

  • Who qualifies for drought food assistance?
    • Anyone who lives in Yolo County and has less or no work because of the drought.
  • What type of documentation is needed to receive drought food assistance?
    • None, this is a self-certification program.  Participants only need to sign a form that certifies that they have less or no work because of the drought.
  • What type of food will participants receive?
    • Clients will receive a 30-pound box of non-perishable foods.
  • Where can individuals access drought food assistance?
    • Please see our distribution schedule below.

DFAP September Flyer (PDF)

Horario de Distribucion de septiembre (PDF)


For more information please contact:
Zane Hatfield, Agency Relations Coordinator

There is no new funding for the Drought Food Assistance Program for 2017. The program is set to end in September 2017. Please contact Yolo Food Bank at (530) 668-0690 for any questions or concerns.

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