Host a Food & Fund Drive

Food and fund drives are a great way for organizations, schools, businesses, and faith-based groups to raise awareness about the issue of hunger in Yolo County while supporting the community.  They provide nutritious food for Yolo Food Bank programs and offer a fun way to make a difference. 

Hosting a Food & Fund Drive is easy and Yolo Food Bank wants to make sure that you have all of the resources, supplies, and information that you will need to be successful!

Contact Information
Organize your group, company, school, organization, etc. and assign a contact person to be the liaison between the group and the Yolo Food Bank.

Ready, Set, Goal
Set a goal for your food drive so that your group is working toward a common objective.

Establish a Start and End Date
Consider your team’s goal and plan accordingly to achieve that goal.

Sign up with the Yolo Food Bank
Once you have your team in place and dates confirmed, download our Food and Fund Drive Kit and submit your registration form.

Location, location, location
Will your food drive be open to the public? Where can participants drop off food donations? What are the drop off hours?

Request a Barrel
Contact our Volunteer Coordinator  to request a food drive barrel.

Spread the Word and Get Creative
Have fun with your food and fund drive with creative themes, friendly competition, and rewards for participation. Promote your event by sending letters or emails to your team, posting fliers, or messaging on social media.

Coordinate Delivery at the End of Your Food & Fund Drive and Celebrate Your Success
Donations are accepted at our warehouse Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 2:30pm. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator  to schedule a delivery or pick-up.

Download your Food and Fund Drive Kit to get started today!

For more information please contact:

Josh Ellis - Volunteer and Food Drive Coordinator


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