Partner Agency Program

Yolo Food Bank partners with 60 non-profit agencies located throughout Yolo County to provide food to people that need it. These partners, which include soup kitchens, shelters, residential programs, after-school programs, and senior centers, ensure that food from the Food Bank gets to the people who need it most.

Our partner agencies are able to access food from the Food Bank to provide snacks, meals, and emergency food for clients at their respective agencies.  Collectively, our partner agencies distribute more than one million pounds of Food Bank food annually and serve 10,000 people each month.  

Agency Guidelines

With help from our partner agency network, Yolo Food Bank is able to effectively respond to hunger challenges facing Yolo County.  Among other things, Food Bank partner agencies are required to:

For a complete list of partner agencies or information about how to become a partner agency, visit Agency Resources.

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