Partner Agency Spotlight


Partner Agency Spotlight

Pregnancy Support Group of Yolo County


Yolo Food Bank partners with over 60 local non-profit agencies to provide food to Yolo County residents in need.  Partner agencies include food pantries, soup kitchens, group homes, transitional housing facilities, afterschool programs, and family resource centers.  All of our partners play an important role in hunger relief.  Collectively, our partners serve over 10,000 clients a month and distribute over one million pounds of food each year.

One of our partners is Pregnancy Support Group of Yolo County (PSG), which is located in Woodland. Pregnancy Support Group of Yolo County was established in 1983 by a small group of businesspersons, pastors, and women from all over the community. The mission of PSG is to assist women to carry their babies to term by providing emotional and practical assistance through the provision of the community-as-large so that women may face the future with hope and plan constructively for themselves and their babies.

PSG provides pregnancy tests, education on pregnancy and fetal development, non-diagnostic ultrasounds, love matters education, and assistance in obtaining medical care and housing for pregnant women. PSG also provides maternity and baby supplies, post-abortion counseling and help with obtaining adoption information and facilitation, and has begun growing a men’s program with the intention of establishing a family unit. PSG provides these services through the gracious donations of maternity and baby supplies and financial donations that allow them to purchase the items they do not have.

Rebekah, a former client, volunteer, and employee tells her story of how the Pregnancy Support Group helped her,

“My most recent pregnancy could not have come at a more inopportune time. In February of 2008 my boyfriend and I were homeless, jobless, and in an unfamiliar city. I received news that I was pregnant from an out-patient meth program during the intake physical. My case worker referred me to PSG and said it would be a great resource for help and guidance. With each appointment I became more familiar and comfortable with the routine, I was soon welcomed by name and offered prayer and counsel at each visit.

Two months after beginning my visits, my boyfriend relapsed and had spent all $1,200 of our savings on an uninsured vehicle and returned to Sacramento. I received comfort, counsel, and Christian guidance from PSG and I was able to find footing. I was a client of PSG for 15 months, receiving ultrasounds, free access to borrow books on pregnancy, relationships, and personal growth, diapers, a bassinet, and enough newborn clothes to bring my baby home comfortably. Through a desire to give back, I began volunteering as a bilingual counselor for Spanish-speaking clients, and in November 2011 I was given the honor to become part of the PSG staff.

Nine years later, my life is worth living. My then boyfriend is now my husband and has 8.5 years sober. We are functioning and positive members of society. At the end of the year, Pregnancy Support Group can point to a baby boy born on January 12th, and a baby girl born on February 22nd as real life human beings who were allowed to live, be brought into the world, to give and receive love simply because these organizations exists.”

Pregnancy Support Group has partnered with Yolo Food Bank since January of 2016. Since then, Pregnancy Support Group has been able to supply their clients with childcare and maternity products from the Yolo Food Bank at a fraction of the cost of retail.










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