Rural Food Delivery

Rural Food Delivery (RFD) was developed in 1998 to address the unique needs of food insecure families and individuals living in remote areas.  Research shows that people living in rural areas experience higher rates of poverty and lack access to fresh, nutritious foods.  These areas tend to lack emergency food providers and resources for people who need them. 

To provide people in remote areas with ongoing access to healthy foods, the Yolo Food Bank puts together 30 pound food boxes each month that contain a variety of grocery items.  An average 600 food boxes are delivered to 9 sites each month.  An additional 150 boxes are created during the summer season to provide food to families and individuals living at 2 local Migrant Centers.

RFD boxes are delivered with the Emergency Food Assistance Program each month to sites in the following locations: Clarksburg, Dunnigan, Esparto, Guinda, Knights Landing, Winters, and Yolo.

For more information please contact:
Zane Hatfield, Agency Relations Coordinator

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